Accurate Oxygen Analyzer in Cryogenic Air Separation Processes

Sept. 29, 2015

XZ400TS series oxygen analyzers uses Michell’s MSRS zirconium oxide oxygen sensor to achieve accuracy in cryogenic air separation processes.

A leading European industrial gas company carried out tests with the instrument and it reliably operated at an accuracy of 0.1 ppmV using a 10.5 ppmV test gas, with the unit displaying exactly 10.5 ppmV. Unlike electro-chemical sensors, which require regular replacement, the MSRS sensor of the XZR400 should last in excess of 7 years. Calibration is not needed as frequently either (every 3 – 6 months) and can be carried out with just one calibration gas.

  • uses Michell’s MSRS zirconium oxide oxygen sensor
  • three configurations: rack, wall and bench mount
  • intuitive touch-screen interface for quick and easy operation
  • Barometric pressure, digital flow meters and a 4-20mA output as standard