High-speed, fully automated end-of-line camshaft measuring machine features sub-micron accuracy and <25 sec cycle time. The Model 1310S can measure up to 28 features, including lobes, journals, chatter, and timing references.

  • Part length capacity up to 609 mm (24?), with optional part lengths available
  • Offers a deep set of camshaft measurement parameters, containing lobes, journals, and timing references
  • Provides menu-driven software for easy gage operation
  • Optional motorized follower carrier enables linear scans and/or multi-cut inspection
  • Engineered for shop floor conditions
  • Provides a value-driven solution for high-speed inspection of a single part type
  • Automatic, push-of-a-button system enables high volume inspection capacity of up to 200 parts per
    hour Collects 3,600 data points per revolution per follower
  • Affords camshaft measuring times of <20 seconds, depending on part requirements (not including load and unload time)
  • Provides easy maintenance via modular gage design
  • Permits easy part changeovers using a simplefollower relocation system