Hornet 565 Parallel Robot for High-Speed Picking

Feb. 11, 2015

Requiring a foot-print about half the size of competing parallel robots, the Hornet is designed to perform high-speed pick-and-place operations in small spaces.


With a max payload of 8 kg and 50% less footprint, the robot offers easy deployment and advanced performance that is ideal for packaging applications. The system features a controller-less architecture and a hygienic design built with corrosion-resistant materials that minimize contamination risk and allow easy wash-down after use.


The Hornet includes a complete robot packaging solution that includes integrated high-speed conveyor tracking, powerful vision guidance, and easy-to-use application software created specifically for the packaging market. The robot can be programmed directly from a PLC, minimizing training and deployment time by using familiar ladder logic programming languages.

  • Hornet 565 requires no external control electronics, with all amplifiers and controls fully embedded into the robot
  • Extended vertical reach allows for a 0.36 m3 (12.7 ft3) workspace, enabling a wider variety of packages to be used
  • 0.32 s cycle time enables higher product throughput and reduces cost per pick
  • Industry-leading conveyor tracking capabilities allow for <5mm repeatability at all coveyor speeds (pending)