Smart Gripper

Oct. 15, 2015
Robotiq's 2 Finger 140 Adaptive Robot Gripper  is able to detect that a part has been picked, as well as pick soft, fragile or deformable parts without crushing them while maintaining a safe grip when the robot is moving. The new Gripper comes with a 140 mm programmable stroke and a 2 kg payload, ideal for high-mix pick and place operations for various industries such as electronics, consumer goods and logistics.
  • Gripper Stroke: 0 to 5.5 in

  • Grip Force: 2.2 to 24.7 lbs

  • Maximum Recommended Payload: 5.5 lbs

  • Closing Speed:    1.2 to 9.8 in/s

  • Parallel Grip Repeatability: 0.003 in

  • Gripper Weight: 2.2 lbs