Nozzle Enhances Laser Welding Capabilities

Oct. 2, 2015

SmartShield provides a high velocity gas barrier that prevents metal sparks from the weld zone contaminating the protective lens cover slide. The cross-jet does not contaminate or otherwise interfere with the welding shield gas and the nozzle can be used with an entire range of shield gas delivery devices, including welding shoe and coaxial gas nozzle tips.

The shielding gas shoe provides a controlled atmosphere for the weld zone when molten and while it is cooling to a temperature at which it will no longer be compromised by the ambient atmosphere. This is important for welding materials, such as titanium alloys, that have a strong affinity for oxygen and nitrogen in the ambient atmosphere. An important benefit of this design of the focusing lens/shield gas assemblies for laser welding is that they can be quickly changed to vary the focused spot size or to change from welding to cutting or drilling.

  • enhances laser welding capabilities of the 3 to 7 axes 795, 430 BD, and 430 Vera laser processing systems
  • includes aluminum alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, nickel based super alloys and stainless steels including Types 304 and 316