PSI 9000 Series power sources have a controller that allows the flexibility of separating into individual sources, with 15 kw of DC power, or paralleling for high-power applications for up to 150 kw.

The auto-ranging output allows for it to become a complete test solution because it delivers three times higher output current at reduced voltages than competitors.

This stage is especially useful when testing products that require varied input voltages while maintaining regulated output power.

  • 15kW of DC power in one 3U chassis
  • Can be paralleled up to 150 kw
  • Integrated true function generator
  • Output power ratings: 0-3.3kW, 0-5kW, 0-10kW, and 0-15kW in a single 3U chassis
  • 8 voltage models ranging to 1,500 VDC