Compact Power Supplies Offer a Lower Cost

Sept. 8, 2017
Schroff introduces power supplies that no longer require a minimum load.

The power supply units from the former SEK series have been redesigned and are now available under the name Max50. The update improved various unit features while simultaneously reducing overall cost. These 19-in. plug-in power supply units feature an output of 50 W and voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24 or 48 V and are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.


The Max50 power supplies are based on state-of-the-art technology and are very compact, featuring a size of 3 U, 6 HP and a depth of 160 mm. Redesigning the units increased the efficiency to as much as 88% while simultaneously reducing power loss by up to 5%. In addition, the temperature range for using the power supply units has been expanded to a range of -25° to +50°C. The load-dependent UI characteristic curve allows for a passive current share for parallel and redundancy operation. The Max50 power supply components also no longer require a minimum load. Delivery of the power supply units now includes an assembled front panel with EMC textile gasket for temperatures up to 85°C. Despite these improvements to the unit features, the overall unit cost has been reduced, resulting in lower market pricing. The input voltage range of the new Max50 power supply units is 90 VAC to 253 VAC. The maximum power consumption in standby mode is less than 1.5 W. 


  • Wide input voltage range 90-253 VAC and 130-340 VDC
  • Single output voltage
  • Signaling: Output voltage OK
  • Including mounted front plate
  • Efficiency up to 80%
  • Standby (no load) Power <1.5 W