Pressure Transducer Remote Monitoring App

Oct. 15, 2015
Transducers Direct introduces its new Android app for remote monitoring and programming of the CirrusSense TDWLB pressure transducer, the first sensor in the world to use wireless Bluetooth LE and a patent pending design to connect pressure sensors to mobile devices and computers. The new app ("CirrusSense TDWLB" on Google Play) lets the user name each sensor, then program setpoints/alarms for multiple sensors and monitor readings – all from any Android-enabled device. The CirrusSense sensor is ideal for remote reading of pressure/temperature in A/C and refrigeration lines, compressed air lines, water lines, dental and industrial gas lines, etc. It uses patent-pending circuitry to provide a 12 to 18 month battery life and redundant sensing. The sensor is available in two different compensated accuracies of 1% and 0.25%, with an external temperature sensing probe as an option for measuring sub-cooling and superheat in HVAC applications. The CirrusSense transducer is certified Bluetooth Smart, as well as FCC certified. The US-made CirrusSense TDWLB is all digital, eliminating mechanical components, wear parts, analog circuitry and setpoint drift. It is easily programmed and monitored through its app for measuring pressures from vacuum to 10,000 psi. The sensor is EMI/RFI protected and sealed to IP-65 rating. Standard overpressure rating is 2X, with 10X optional. Burst pressure is 5X or 20,000 psi, whichever is less. The TDWLB is available with a variety of industry standard pressure-port connections. Replacement battery packs are available from Transducers Direct.
  • Compatibility: Android OS

  • Accuracy: 1% and 0.25%

  • Battery Life: 12-18 months