Oval Suction Cups Handle Dry & Oily Sheet Metal

Dec. 16, 2015

Flat, oval SM-OF (7 different sizes) and oval bellow SM-OB Series (four different sizes) suction cups enable the dynamic, slip-free handling of both dry and oily metal sheets and are ideal for use in constricted spaces, and can be deployed in a variety of automotive, metal processing, and mechanical and plant engineering applications.

Design utilizes multi-part, anti-slip cleats together with anti-slip supporting ribs that provide a high degree of slip resistance, effectively absorb shear forces — even when handling oily sheets, and prevent the deformation of thin sheets.

SM-OB bellows have 1.5 folds and a geometry that both enables the efficient handling of three-dimensional shaped sheets and ensures excellent attenuation when placed on a work piece.

  • Slip-free handling of both dry and oily metal sheets
  • PWIS- and silicone-free
  • Flexible sealing lip provides reliable, leak-free suction on ridged, curved, elongated, and cylindrical workpieces
  • Working temperatures: -22°F to 194°F
  • SM-OF Flat Oval: 56x16mm, 66x23mm, 96x32mm, 86x40mm, 106x50mm, 126x60mm, and 146x70mm 
  • SM-OFprofile heights: 18mm to 34mm
  • SM-OB Oval Bellows: 67x32mm, 87x42mm, 118x57mm, and 148x72mm
  • SM-OB profile heights: 27mm to 42mm