High Energy Ventilating Constricting Clutch

Feb. 11, 2016
Airflex High Energy Ventilating Constricting (HEVC) clutch provides 10,000 foot-pounds per square inch (ft-lb/in2) energy capacity and engagement slip times of up to 15 seconds for grinding mills and severe clutching and braking applications. The increased energy allows longer mill startup times, reducing peak energy usage, safeguarding driveline components, and providing mining mill operations a potential cost reduction with the ability to downsize their clutch. The Airflex HEVC clutch uses metallic friction lining to sustain more torque and extend slip times to improve efficiency and extend operating life of driveline components, delivering optimal performance in high temperatures and decreasing maintenance costs. With industry-leading energy capacity and driveline component protection, the Airflex HEVC clutch offers low friction wear and is capable of sustaining torque instead of fade at high temperatures. The Airflex HEVC clutch provides an approximate 10 percent increase of the starting torque of a comparably sized clutch. Upgrade kits are available for existing applications, providing a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to challenging installations. The Airflex HEVC clutch comes in a wide range of sizes capable of integrating with a variety of motors. The clutches are engineered to meet motor application requirements from 275 to 1,100 rotations per minute (RPM).
  • Energy Capacity: 10,000 ft-lb/in2
  • Engagement Slip Times: Up to 15 seconds
  • Torque: 10% increase
  • Motor Requirements: 275 to 1,100 rpm