22ECT Brushless Motor

March 17, 2016
Portescap introduces the newest addition to our Ultra EC mini motor platform, the 22ECT brushless motor, designed specifically to deliver ultra high torque in a compact size.   With the unique coil technology and a patent pending multipolar rotor design, the 22ECT has been developed to be one of the most advanced and highest performing brushless slotless motors in its class. The 22ECT is specifically optimized for high continuous torque at low to medium speeds, maximizing power between 10 K and 20 K rpm. These motors are capable of delivering 2 times higher continuous torque than comparable BLDC motors of same size over the entire low speed range when used with gears.

The 22ECT comes in:

  • 60 and 82-mm length versions
  • with hall sensors and 3 different coils