RoadRunner SoftStep R213S Microstepping Motor Drive

March 18, 2016
RoadRunner SoftStep R213S microstepping motor drive provides ultra-smooth, quiet stepper motor operation. The intelligent on board processor developed by Testra treats the input steps as small vector moves and smoothly chains them together with 250 or 256 micro-steps per regular motor step with controlled accelerations. Dual chopper stabilized current comparators along with auto-calibration gets rid of communication discontinuities and maintains a near perfect sine wave drive, further reducing motor noise while increasing accuracy and stability. The drives are shipped with jumpers installed with a divisor setting of 10 to make them Gecko drive compatible, but the jumpers can be reconfigured by the user as needed. The SoftStep drive always micro-steps finely in either 250 or 256 increments per step for DS (double step) settings, 1 (full step), 2 (half step), 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256.

Available options for OEMs include:

  • optional custom waveforms to match individual motor characteristics
  • CW, CCW input
  • user programmable waveform
  • step on+ or – transition
  • custom current reduction
  • 3.3-v input drive
  • 50-kHz chop frequency