Clean Method for Emptying Large Bulk Bags

March 15, 2016

Dynamic Air BulkBuster bulk bag unloaders provide the solution for effectively emptying large bulk bags and getting the material where you want it in your process. Safety is always a primary concern when handling and maneuvering extremely heavy and cumbersome bulk bags. The Series 422 Model 1900 BulkBuster bulk bag unloader offers a continuous cleaning method of discharging bulk bags because it includes internal dust collection for containing all fugitive dust. Features include easily removable bayonet mounted cartridge filters for recycling the fugitive dust by discharging it back into the process hopper below. Also included is a bag closing device, sight glass and work gloves to allow the bulk bags to be untied and emptied without contacting any of the process material being discharged. One unique but standard feature is a set of air operated bulk bag jostlers for massaging the bulk bags for faster discharging of difficult to handle materials. An optional bag closing mechanism is also available to allow partial bulk bag unloading.