Safeline Signature Touch Metal Detector

March 17, 2016
Key Ingredient Market, a food processor of unique hand-crafted spreads and dips, uses Safeline’s Signature Touch metal detector to find ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal and the most difficult to detect, non-magnetic stainless steel fragments and non-spherical fine wire contaminants. Unit features high-frequency advanced detection coil technology and dynamic filtering techniques to maximize detection sensitivity while saving time and money by decreasing false rejects.

System features:

  • a color touchscreen control panel
  • a single-pass auto set-up routine
  • designed for ease of use
  • can hold 100 different product settings in its memory for quick and easy recall during changeovers
  • ‘product clustering’ capability minimizes the need for changes
  • requires minimal training
  • can be set up rapidly to recognize a new product