FootGuardian Adds Safety To Manual Pallet Jacks

Jan. 29, 2022

Designed to reduce exposure of the operator to the back wheels of a manual pallet jack, the FootGuardian device is constructed of 5 lb. of welded steel plates to provide 3/8 of an inch of carbon steel between the foot and the wheel, preventing the foot from touching the exposed pallet jack wheels. It features a self-adjusting mechanism as well as uninterrupted travel over most surfaces, angles, declines, and inclines. It is also reusable and transferable between most pallet jacks for flexibility and cost-efficiency.  

  • Protection with a 3/8 of an inch of Steel between You and the Wheel
  • Guard Has a Self-Adjusting Mechanism
  • Conforms to the Irregularities and Pitches of Truck Ramps
  • Allows mostly Full Range of Motion for Steering
  • Reusable and transferrable between most manual pallet jacks for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency
  • Prevents Unnecessary Lost Time and Lost Production
  • Offers uninterrupted travel over most surfaces, angles, declines, and inclines
  • Helps divert debris from the pallet truck’s steer tires for smoother operation and reliable travel