P-500 Pneumatic Shears Make Precision Cuts in Metals

April 19, 2016
Double-cutting action of the P-500, cleanly cuts 18 gauge and lighter C.R. mild steel, most grades of stainless steel to 20 gauge and aluminum to .090 without distortion. The 7/32" waste curl leaves both sides of the cut straight with no need to file or de-burr. Variable speed trigger lets you control speed from 0 to 2200 RPM's. The P-500 cuts over 300 inches per minute. powered by a 90 PSI air power source. Ideal for the tinner, roofer and auto body shop.


  • Head:  60-20
  • Motor:  253-57
  • Weight: 3 lb
  • Length:  10.5 in.