IP67 Smart Camera Brings Clarity to Harsh Environments

May 4, 2016
Smaller, faster, and more cost effective than its predecessor,  Iris GTR allows systems integrators, machine builders, and OEMs to enable faster inspection times and increased throughput. Boasting an IP67 rating and resolution up to 5 Mpixels, Iris GTR brings clarity into the harshest industrial environments.
  • Installs comfortably in confined and dirty industrial environments by way of a compact IP67-rated design
  • Runs typical vision jobs efficiently using an Intel® dual-core embedded processor
  • Captures images at high speed through a choice of CMOS sensors
  • Simplifies vision setup and upkeep via integrated lens focusing and illumination intensity control
  • Interacts with vision and automation devices by way of real-time digital I/Os
  • Synchronizes to the manufacturing line through the support for incremental rotary encoders
  • Communicates with automation controllers and enterprise networks via a Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Takes on HMI function by way of VGA and USB connectivity
  • Programmed effectively for vision inspection and guidance using the field-proven and established Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)
  • Deploys with either leading embedded operating system through support for both Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®