Wireless Laser Alignment System

April 5, 2016
Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced the Microgage Wireless Laser Receiver, a convenient new option for use with the Microgage PRO Laser Alignment System. Pinpoint now brings the advantages of wireless technology to the alignment process. With the new, wire-free receiver, setup and operation of the Microgage PRO Alignment System becomes even faster and easier. The Microgage Wireless Laser Receiver is suited for checking many geometric alignments such as: equipment straightness, gantry flatness, machinery squareness, rail and guide parallelism, bore alignment and more. It is no longer necessary to string cables across your facility. If you don’t have long enough cables on-hand to make a wired connection in the desired range, wireless laser alignment gives you the freedom to move without hindrance, anywhere throughout your factory floor. With the Microgage Wireless Laser Receiver, you have the option to reach into and work in small confined spaces for challenging alignments.


  • Increased capacity to accomplish otherwise difficult alignment applications.
  • Increased portability of laser alignment equipment.
  • An expanded working range of up to 180 feet.
  • The added convenience of connecting 4 or more wireless receivers to your display.