Portable Emissions Analyzer Monitors Industrial Combustion processes

April 27, 2016
E4500 portable flue gas & emissions analyzer monitors emissions and facilitates maintenance and tuning of boilers, burners and engines, furnaces, turbines, kilns, incinerators, and many other industrial combustion processes requiring accurate low NOx measurements, with a 0.1 ppm resolution. High accuracy is under 100 ppm NOx. A dilution pump measures CO Auto-Range up to 50,000 ppm. The handheld device comes with a standard with a built-in printer with non-fading paper, an automatic data saving feature, and an internal data memory for 2,000 tests. It can also perform temperature and pressure measurements.
  • Low NOx Measurements with 0.1 ppm Resolution And High Accuracy Under 100ppm NOx
  • Available with Both NO & NO2 Sensors for Total NOx
  • Optional Sample Conditioning Unit (SCU): Minimize NOx Loss from Condensation Ensure Accurate NOx Readings