EnvisionTEC's Vector 3SP 3D Printer

April 15, 2016

Vector 3SP 3D printer joins EnvisionTEC's lineup of industrial 3D printers, filling a niche between the entry-level ULTRA 3SP Series and the large-frame family, consisting of the Xtreme 3SP and the Xede 3SP models. With a build envelope that is 29% larger than the ULTRA 3SP, the Vector 3SP also gains additional speed capabilities that make it an attractive solution for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. All EnvisionTEC's current 3SP materials have been approved for use on the Vector 3SP, and the blade system employed will also open up new material options in the future.


  • single frame design
  • 15-in. touchscreen monitor on swing arm
  • produces functional end-use parts with exceptional surface finish