Thermal Transfer Printer Has Wi-Fi & Networking Capabilities

May 20, 2016

K-Sun, a leader in industrial identification and labeling solutions, introduces the newest multi-application thermal transfer printer with both Wi-Fi and networking capabilities – the Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX800.The LW-PX800 is designed to replace multiple workstation label printers with a single workplace label printer. Multiple users can print to the same printer from their desktops, smart phones and tablets. Wi-Fi lets users easily connect with over a direct peer-to-peer connection without requiring a wireless access point. The LW-PX800 can be moved anywhere in a facility for shared access so multiple users can create safety, warehouse, tool room, office and other necessary labels at their desktops to a centrally located printer for use across the warehouse, shop, laboratory, tool room, production floor and office.

The LW-PX800’s flexibility, versatility in supplies, built-in tape saving features and the potential to reduce equipment investment substantially reduces costs associated with visual workplace communication, identification, bar coding, safety labeling and cable and wire marking/labeling.

LW-PX800 includes:

  • free Label Editor Professional for PC (label-creating software)
  • Label Editor Pro
  • Label Editor Lite for Mac
  • free Epson iLabel and Datacom apps for mobile devices