Does My Workplace Need Gloves, Hand Cream or Both?

May 13, 2016
This e-book addresses the importance of acknowledging work-related skin problems, a commonly overlooked issue in today’s workforce. It also discusses steps organizations can take to protect their employees such as knowing when gloves are necessary and when pre-work creams can serve as a supplement. Additionally, the e-book includes information about how managers can get started to mitigate problems and avoid future issues. Included case studies demonstrate how implementing an effective complete skin care program that includes pre-work and after-work skin creams as well as an appropriate hand cleanser can help reduce work-related skin issues.

e-book addresses:

  • work-related skin problems
  • when gloves are necessary & when pre-work creams can serve as a supplement
  • how managers can mitigate problems & avoid future issues
  • cases studies