Featuring a proprietary grain along with a tougher bond system containing a unique combination of fillers and bonding agents that allow for much better mix quality in manufacturing, Norton Quantum3 (NQ3) Depressed Center Grinding Wheels provide substantially faster grinding for more metal removal and longer wheel life, with less operator fatigue, to significantly increase grinding output.


Test results conducted with NQ3 and competitive wheels revealed that NQ3 removed almost twice the amount of carbon steel at five-minute intervals.


Norton Quantum3 wheels are constructed using a precisely engineered iron, sulfur, and chlorine-free resin technology to provide a uniform abrasive distribution throughout the wheel. This unique bond was designed for retaining the grains long enough during and after grain fractures. This subtle but powerful bond characteristic enables both excellent cut rates and exceptionally long wheel life.

  • Options:
    • Twelve Type 27 all-purpose grinding application SKUs
    • One Type 28 all-purpose
    • Two Type 27 SKUs for foundry applications
  • Sizes Range:
    • From 4 x ¼ x 3/8 in., to 9 x ¼-in. to 7/8-in.