CX3300 Current Waveform Analyzer Measures Power Consumption in Low Power Devices

May 26, 2016

CX3300 Series Device Current Waveform Analyzer measures wideband and low-level dynamic current, with a minimum of 100 pA level and a maximum of 200 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s sampling rate, and 14- or 16-bit wide dynamic range.


By providing a 14-bit or 16-bit wide dynamic measurement range, a single instrument can meet a wide range of measurement requirements without using multiple instruments. A graphical user interface on a WXGA 14.1” multi-touch display, and advanced measurement and analysis software, make previously difficult low-level current waveform measurements and analyses dramatically efficient and easier to make.


It is ideally suited for researchers struggling with high-speed transient current measurements during advanced device characterization and engineers working to reduce power/current consumption in low-power devices.

  • Visualizes a maximum of 200 MHz current waveforms by 14- or 16-bit dynamic range
  • Allows researchers to measure dynamic current from 10 A down to 100 pA level
  • Enables device engineers to quantitatively evaluate how low-power devices consume power