Compact Drive Optimized for High Speed & Torque

July 8, 2016

Compact Precision Ring Drive System employs precision grade bearing and drive mechanism in a sealed housing. Freely programmable, the three-drive design configurations allow the CRD to be optimized for high speed, high torque or both, depending on the application. With a 250 or 350 mm dial plate bolt circle diameter and a large open center, users can optimize performance in a small space.

CRD is ideal for applications including cutting systems, gantry systems, medical products, robotics, aerospace, machine tool, semiconductor and material handling.

  • Indexing precision up to ± 30 ArcSec and repeatability up to ± 5.1 ArcSec
  • Zero backlash options
  • High output load capacity – up to 108kN
  • Handles speeds up to 225 RPM
  • Smooth in motion