SynRA Energy-Efficient Synchronous Motor

May 7, 2022
SynRA, a synchronous motor from Nidec Motor Corp, uses synchronous technology for energy savings.

2022 NED Innovation Award Winner

An innovative synchronous motor, SynRA offers one of the highest efficiencies available for industrial and commercial pumping and HVAC equipment when paired with the ID300 Perfectspeed integrated drive. The Smart Technology results in less wear and tear on blower or pump systems by matching application demands with variable speed.


The motor provides the operating benefit of a pure synchronous reluctance motors and suitability benefit from a simple voltz/hz drive. The design gives the freedom to replace components individually, leading to a lower cost of maintenance.


Made with ease in mind, the synchronous reluctance rotor with an aluminum cage design is magnet-free, allowing for easy programming and compatibility with existing VFDs.

  • Eliminates separate mounting of VFD (variable frequency drive)
  • No need to purchase a separate VFD
  • No calibration of drive to motor is required
  • IE4 or IE5 efficiency – the highest efficiency levels available today
  • Lowest lifetime cost of operation option for commercial building applications
  • Connects to building automation systems


Standard Ratings

  • 1 to 10 HP | 1800 RPM | IE4
  • 1 to 15 HP | 3600 RPM | IE5
  • 230 V, 460 V, and 575 V