Wrapping Machine Features New Safety Guarding

July 11, 2016
Highlighting an array of safety features, the TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital stretch-wrapping machine includes a clever side access door that allows workers to safely replace plastic film rolls without entering the interior of the machine. When the door is opened, the orbital wrapper automatically shuts off power to protect workers from contact with the wrapping device and eliminate concern for compliance with OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.146 regulating permit-required confined space entry. The machine guarding also includes multiple, built-in emergency stops accessed from either side of the machine to instantly halt operation. The new machine guarding features precision, laser-cut, 16-gauge steel for high structural strength and durability. Using interchangeable parts, the machine guarding may be quickly assembled and retrofit on TAB Wrapper Tornado machines in the field. The TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital stretch-wrappers secures a palletized load to its pallet as a single unit by wrapping the plastic film 360 degrees under and around the entire load for improved protection, safety and stability. The TAB Wrapper Tornado line and the new machine guarding are manufactured in the company's Reading, Pa. headquarters and ship fully assembled with a full warranty, ready to plug in and operate.
  • Wraps standard, oversized and irregularly-shaped loads with no restrictions.

  • Wraps around a horizontal axis, unlike a traditional stretch-wrapper or shrink wrap machine that wraps around a vertical axis.

  • Product can be wrapped confidently without removing the pallet from the forklift or through the utilization of a conveyor system.

  • Securely locks any load to the pallet without the use of banding or strapping.

  • Wraps stretch film around a horizontal axis to lock product to the pallet.

  • Wrapping cylinder carries a spool of stretch wrap on a moving dispenser.

  • Cylinder moves parallel to the forks of a forklift or conveyor.

  • Stretch wrap is dispensed around and under the loaded pallet while the cylinder advances forward across the pallet.

  • Stretch film is wrapped around the load in 1 minute or less.