Counterflow Marley DT Evaporative Fluid Cooler

July 6, 2016
Marley DT Fluid Cooler is an induced-draft counterflow cooler. Its closed-circuit design keeps the process fluid in a clean closed loop. Process fluid is cooled by recirculating water that flows over the outside of heat transfer coils as air induced through the cooler evaporates a small portion of the recirculating water, rejecting heat to the atmosphere.


  • offers high dry operation in cold weather
  • heavy-duty construction
  • 5-yr mechanical warranty
  • models offered in footprints from 8.5 x 9 ft to 12 x 18 ft
  • PVC triple-pass inlet  louvers control splash-out and sunlight exposure to collection basin
  • self-draining spray headers
  • 1 7/8-in. orifice spray nozzles