Multi-Channel A-to-D Converters Offer 12-Bit Resolution

July 20, 2016

ADS-429 Series, a new line of multi-channel Analog-to-Digital converters that offer 12-bit resolution and are housed in a 16-pin plastic TSSOP package. Available in two low-cost, enhanced Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) grades it is the best choice for all military, airborne, and aerospace applications.

Each unit features no missing codes, ±0.5 LSB of Differential Non-Linearity, ±0.5 of Integral Non-Linearity and is 100% tested for performance across one of the two temperature ranges: –40 to +105°C (ADS-429SM). The ADS-429 requires only one supply voltage for operation ranging from +2.7 to 5.25V and consumes only 3mA of supply current. It has a sleep mode feature that consumes only 8uA of current. It is the ideal selection for low power and battery operated multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems.

Unique architecture includes:

  • sample hold
  • successive approximation A/D
  • SPI compatible serial interface