Craft Knife Protects Your Fingers

Aug. 9, 2018
Slice's craft knife offers a sleek, protective cap when the knife is idle to protect your fingers from cuts.

Craft knives are indispensable tools in many workplaces: R and D departments, manufacturing floors, and biomedical labs, to name a few. Wherever detailed cutting, scraping, or chiselling is required, a craft knife will do the trick. But craft blades are notoriously dangerous. While Slice’s finger-friendly safety edge significantly reduces laceration risks, punctures risks still exist, especially since some applications require pointed-tip blades. The obvious solution is a safety cap. But how long do most caps stay with their knives? 


The Slice 10589 Craft Knife introduces our Never-Lost safety cap design. This sleek protective cap is integrated with the handle. It locks in a protective position when the knife is idle, then twists and locks out of the way during use. An outer notch prevents the tool from rolling off your work surface, regardless of the cap’s position.


Based on the 10548 Craft Knife, this version includes all the same great features, with the addition of a cap that will protect you and your tool. Like the original craft knife and our 10580 Precision Knife, the 10589 features a cross-hatched copper collar and a lightly weighted handle for stability and control. And, like all our tools, the 10589 works for everyone—lefties included.