Looking for Automation in Your CAM & Inspection Software?

Aug. 9, 2016

Updated software reflects recent developments in automation for 5-axis machining, intelligent manufacturing systems and inspection.

New CAM software algorithms in PowerMILL have made programming 5-axis mills easier than ever before, including digitally verifying the code for safety once programmed. PowerMILL can undertake complete verification of a project for machine-tool issues such as collisions, rather than having to undertake verification of each individual toolpath in turn. Comprehensive verification is performed, including ensuring that the machine tool is capable of running the proposed strategy, as well as checking for both machine-tool collisions and tooling collisions, during cutting moves and for all leads and links, including machine-tool movements as tool changes are executed. A detailed list is generated of any problems found so that these can be fixed on a case-by-case basis.

Automated CAM software such as FeatureCAM, was developed to alleviate many manufacturing challenges by automating the workflow from design to NC code. These include more options for the Vortex high-efficiency roughing strategy, support for bar-fed mills, more efficient turning, increased five-axis functionality and user-interface improvements to make programming even easier and faster.


  • New CAM software algorithms in PowerMILL simplify the programming of 5-axis mills
  • FeatureCAM alleviates many manufacturing challenges by automating workflow from design to NC code
  • Improvement in automatic tool selection includes a check of tool shank diameter
  • PowerINSPECT makes is easier to complete an accurate inspection of complex assemblies