Modeling Solution for Data Center Networks

June 21, 2017
nupsys adds a modeling solution to their lineup

nuVML, is a Virtual Network Modeling solution for Enterprise, Telco, & Data Center Networks.  nuVML has powerful visualization, discovery engines, and can run as a standalone application for production networks.  The modeling solution in conjunction with a network simulator provides multivendor performance simulations for new or adds, moves, & changes to existing networks.


nuVML accelerates & enhances certain phases for life cycle of network, data center solutions, and services:

  • Discovery
    • Production network Discovery & creating of a virtual replicate model
    • Topology Discovery inside Virtual Instance (a snap shot) of production network
    • Off-line Discovery & auto-build topology using configuration
  • Routing Visualization
    • Routing Protocol Visualization: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, VRF, ISIS, MPLS LDP
    • Routing Path Visualization:  Source-destination path selection, Re-route and dynamic route switching
    • Telco-Data Center Visualization of LDP, MPLS/VPN, VRF
    • Data Center Visualization of PE to PE, PE to CE multi-protocol
    • End to end Tunneling and GRE visualization
  • Traffic Visualization including Network Service Protocol
  • High-Availability Visualization: HSRP/VRRP


nuVML is for network engineering, planning, design, proof of concept, validation, verification between production & design, risk reductions, and "what-if" scenarios.