HazardWatch FX-12 Fire and Gas System

Aug. 26, 2022
MSA's HazardWatch FX-12 Fire and Gas System delivers peace-of-mind and security when it comes to reliable plant safety monitoring.

The HazardWatch FX-12 Fire and Gas System is a powerful and flexible total safety solution designed to protect people, equipment, facilities, and nearby communities. A complete solution in a single system, the HazardWatch FX-12 System includes: a stand-alone local fire and gas alarm panel with touch screen operator interface; a redundant power supply to support the fire and gas system per NFPA 72; easy integration with third party auxiliary devices such as horns, beacons, and fire suppression systems; and FM-approved EtherNet/IP system communications to DCS or ESD Systems.


Representing the next generation in highly intelligent monitoring solutions, the HazardWatch FX-12 System is designed to help process and plant engineers reduce hazard vulnerability while meeting the world’s most demanding safety standards. The system is designed with Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and MSA’s advanced gas and flame detection field devices.


The HazardWatch FX-12 can accommodate up to 12 field devices per alarm panel, with the capability to network up to 12 panels. The panel is wall mounted in a NEMA 12 rated enclosure. User connections are made at a rail mounted "swing link" with terminal blocks organized by input/output type.  The PLC processor and the touchscreen are fitted with non-volatile memory.

  • Stand-alone fire and gas alarm panel with touch screen interface
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved for NFPA 72 (2013) compliance
  • Data and event logging
  • Supports third party device integration
  • Simple, reliable, and cost effective field wiring topology
  • Up to 12 field devices can be supported per alarm panel, with capability to network up to 12 panels