Allen-Bradley Branch Motor Control & Protection Solutions

Aug. 8, 2023
Rockwell has revised its line of motion control solutions so users can update systems where components turn on/off motors while protecting from overloading.

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Allen-Bradley Branch Motor Control & Protection Solutions of motor control components have been revised to make it possible for customers to update full systems where components turn on and off motors of all sizes while helping protect the motors from overloading during operation.


Basic across-the-line motor starters remain ubiquitous in industrial applications despite the proliferation of solid-state motor starting technologies. These components comprise motor starting contactors, motor-specific circuit breakers, and motor-overload relays, where depending on the application, the motor overload functionality can be incorporated into the circuit breaker or applied as a separate component.


Rockwell Automation tests and certifies all valid combinations of Branch Motor Control & Protection Solution components to UL and IEC standards, so customers can easily document the compliance of their system to these standards using the company’s online Global Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) tool.


One of the significant advantages of the system is the availability of wide-range, energy-saving coils for Bulletin 100-E architecture-class contactors. These coils use much less energy in operation, and cover AC and DC control circuits from 24 to 240V, making selection much easier. Safety versions of the contactors are available, as well as NEMA-rated options. Bulletin E100 Electronic Overload Relays are now also compatible with Bulletin 100-E and 100-C Contactors to enhance systems.


The recently launched Bulletin 140MT line of Motor Protection Circuit Breakers and Motor Circuit Protectors provides higher short-circuit ratings than the products they replace. And the range of E100/200/300 electronic overload relays includes options for EtherNet/IP integration that enables comprehensive diagnostics and Logix integration.