Packing Stations with Integral Conveyors

Oct. 6, 2020

Verti-Lift packing stations combine a full-length work area next to a full-length integral conveyor for speeding the container, product or component to its next destination. Built on the tandem scissor lift platform, these extra-long packing stations can be raised or lowered to meet the application needs of manufacturing, processing, distribution operations, and more. These versatile units are available with lift capacities to 6,000 lb., and platform sizes up to 48 x 220 in., with up to 70 in. of lift available. They can also be fabricated as custom units when a larger platform size and/or capacity is necessary.


They include internal power units, heavy-duty cylinders, safety maintenance blocks, standard hand control, lifetime lubricated bushings, and heavy-duty legs (tubular legs on SL60 models), to provide a long, trouble-free service life.  Many options available to match the scissors lift to the task at hand including accordion skirting, platforms with beveled edges, pit mounted units, portability packages, PLC control, foot pedal control, fork pockets (up to certain lengths), external power modules, and more.

  • Heavy-duty cylinders
  • Heavy-duty steel legs
  • Internal power units
  • Lifetime lubricated bushings
  • Safety maintenance blocks
  • Standard hand controls