Handheld Marking Marking System

Aug. 4, 2016
VIS-P portable laser marker is suitable for marking plastics, metals, and  alloys, as well as anodized, painted surfaces. This extremely light, hand-held device comes with a 4.33 x 4.33-in. marking area (alternative size marking areas are optional).  Safe laser beam has a 3-ft range. The VIS-P handles large, oversized components on the spot. It uses Genius software which is multilingual.
  • IVO4  to mark metals and alloys, plastics and anodized, painted surfaces
  • Available powers: 10W – 20W – 30W – 40W
  • Air cooled
  • Standard marking area: 110x110 mm (available other marking areas)
  • Software Genius easy to learn, multilingual, many laser parameters to meet all marking requests