Activator Bulk Bag Discharge System

Jan. 26, 2022
The VAC-U-MAX Activator Bulk Bag Discharge System uses lubrication-free pneumatic lifters.

Facilitating maximized material flow toward the center of the bulk bag, the Activator Bulk Bag Discharge System features four pneumatically operated actuator paddles that massage the lower portion of the bulk bag in an alternating side pattern.


The Activator uses lubrication-free pneumatic lifters that consume 50% less compressed-air than air-cylinders and feature a lower operating cost. For maximum discharge, the Activator also features a “chisel bottom” screw discharger with dust-tight cover and cantilevered 6 in. (150 mm) open flight auger that provides consistent and controlled flow of material into the convey line. A NEMA 4X control panel and level controls activate the massage feature only when material is needed. The bag access door is capped for dust collection during bulk bag discharge.

  • Heavy duty welded tubular frame construction
  • Lift off guards protecting plant personnel
  • Lift out corner panel and quick release massage paddles for cleaning and maintenance
  • Massage paddles are offered as an option on difficult materials to help with flow promotion
  • Wide variety of options to meet specific bag size, bag handling, material characteristics, and process requirements
  • Partial bag cutoff