Rapid Mechatronic Gripper for Small Part Handling - SCHUNK

Aug. 3, 2016

Expanded the EGP Series of Mechatronic Grippers now includes a smaller size (25) which weighs 110 g and has a stroke of 3 mm per finger. Furthermore, SCHUNK has developed an optional “speed” version of the EGP 25. By reducing the internal gear ratio, the speed version exchanges grip force for speed. This gives the EGP 25 speed version the ability to open or close in 0.03s. With a grip force of 13 N it is capable of handling parts up to 0.05 kg. For high speed pick & place applications where an electric gripper is preferred, the EGP 25 speed version is an excellent choice. Maintenance-free servomotors as well as a powerful junction roller guide guarantee a high level of efficiency, making it perfect for demanding pick & place applications. Users can transfer the sensor systems used in the SCHUNK MPG-plus to the SCHUNK EGP-Speed, and easily convert existing systems from pneumatic to electrical operation.


  • weighs 110 gm
  • 3-mm stroke per finger
  • can open or close in 0.03 sec
  • grip force of 13 N
  • can handle parts up to 0.05 kg