Rockford Systems, LLC

At Rockford Systems, we are experts at machine guarding because it has been our sole focus for over 45 years. We stand committed to the prevention of injuries and fatalities. Our mission is to enhance the long-term health and quality of life of workers in high-risk occupations, while improving the bottom line of the organizations we serve by increasing compliance, reducing risk, lowering costs and improving productivity.

Rockford Systems provides comprehensive Turnkey Machine Safeguarding Solutions, including:

  • machine risk assessments
  • machine safeguarding assessments
  • customized engineered design solutions
  • over 10,000 safeguarding products
  • installation and integration services
  • safety education and training
  • technical and in-field support
  • ongoing compliance validation

Our team is always ready to help customers, discuss their unique applications, and solve their machine safeguarding needs. We are here to help businesses large and small address machine safety challenges and to remove the burden of managing the growing legal complexity of OSHA, ANSI and NFPA requirements from simple turnkey solutions to complex, build-to-spec customized solutions.