Aurora, IL 60504


About Keson

Keson makes and supplies the highest quality measuring and marking products.


810 N. Commerce St.
Aurora, IL 60504
(800) 345-3766

More Info on Keson

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Keson makes and supplies the highest quality measuring and marking products. These are designed for consistent use and occasional abuse (accidental, of course) for professional tradespeople. What’s more, Keson is growing as a manufacturer. Currently, over 50% of their sales consist of products that are made right here in the USA. Every year, that percentage is growing. The Keson name has meant quality for almost 50 years.


Keson molds plastic wheel hubs, rubber tires, and many other component parts at their factory in Aurora, Illinois. They have some of the other parts built to specifications by trusted partners. Keson puts the wheels together at a rate of up to 1,200+ a day, any day of the week. They offer an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty on the mechanical Metal Professional and RoadRunner® wheels (and a 2-year limited warranty on the MP401E, RRT12, and RRT6 wheels).


Keson’s alliance with SOLA gives them direct access to the world’s best levels. Keson has two brands in North America that produce levels with superior durability, unparalleled accuracy, and a better experience for the user. The SOLA-branded levels are positioned at the high-end of the market and will be the best-of-the-best, just as SOLA levels have been in Europe and around the world for the last 70 years. The Keson-branded levels are the best of the mid-tier priced levels with SOLA technology, backed by the reputation Keson has built over the last 50 years