Floyd Bell, Inc.

Columbus, OH 43085


About Floyd Bell, Inc.

Floyd Bell Inc. manufactures and distributes technologically advanced, high quality, durable, and maintenance-free audible alarms.


720 Dearborn Park Ln.
Columbus, OH 43085
(614) 294-4000

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Floyd Bell Inc. manufactures and distributes technologically advanced, high quality, durable, and maintenance-free audible alarms. Our alarms are typically used as audible alerts in a wide variety of situations. Because of the ability to customize our alarms to fit any application, scarcely a day goes by without hearing one of our alarms. Floyd Bell alarms are commonly found in automobiles, airport metal detectors, elevators, school busses, french-fryers, forklifts, and golf carts, to name just a few. Some of our developments include integrating intelligent, digital, and visual technologies into our alarms in an ongoing effort to offer advanced HMI (human-machine interface) options. All of Floyd Bell's alarms are made in the USA.