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Cy.Pag. creates hydraulic and electric cylinders for industrial automation.


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Morbegno, SO 23017
+39 0342 605011

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In March 1995 Cy.Pag. started its business with the goal of producing pneumatic cylinders for Industrial Automation. Recently, we have expanded our business by creating new products line of hydraulic and electric cylinders by evolving and combining our own existing technologies. The plant covers a surface of 3.000 square meters with more than 70 employees. Cy.Pag. numbers within its customers some of the most well known Companies and Distributors operating in Pneumatics and Industrial Automation. Cy.Pag. is present in 50 Countries in the world, the export, in fact, represents over 60% of the total turnover. After years of successful experience in the field of industrial automation and with an engineering team with background in automotive electronics and vehicle safety, Cy.Pag. launched in 2013 its Safety Improvement System (SIS), a unique and complete active safety system for industrial vehicles and machines. After heavy investments in product and process improvement we are experienced strong growth in all our markets and are aggressively expanding our market share in all our key markets.

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