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Rolling Motion Industries is a provider of traction drives.


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In 1993 John Pawloski and his brother Ray took over the family business, Jewelers Machinist Co. They realized they needed to switch from outdated conventional thread grinders to CNC thread grinders. As a result, Jewelers Machinist Co is recognized as the source of some of the most complex thread grinding in the industry. The concept for the RMI traction drive came from John in 2007.  Working in that high precision industry aided John in the development of the RMI Traction Drive. 


In the years that followed, the design of the individual components and formula of the engineered traction fluid were finalized, testing was completed, a patent granted, and production begun. The RMI Traction Drive is one of the most efficient ways to transmit power from one point to another. Utilizing rolling motion, RMI is able to transfer power at various ratios with minimal energy loss. Tested against V-belt, direct drive, chain, and gearbox setups, RMI Traction Drives offer energy saving benefits through true efficiency rating percentages up to 98%. The high efficiency of the traction drive allows electric motors to run at their peak efficiency ranges.


There are many applications where it can be used from automotive to industrial to medical. The RMI traction drive can be used in the electric vehicle market and precision applications. Offering benefits such as low backlash and no back driving, it set a new standard for “high efficiency”.

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Motion Control

Innovative Traction Drive

Sept. 20, 2018
Rolling Motion's 1-way traction drives are designed for speeds up to 3,600 rpm.