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SP Bel-Art and SP Wilmad-LabGlass develop, manufacture, and supply innovative, problem-solving products to the global scientific community to advance research, educational, and industrial innovation.


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Research, industrial, and healthcare professionals around the world rely on SP Scienceware for their sample handling needs. Wilmad-LabGlass brand laboratory glassware offers over 7,000 items including NMR and EPR consumables and specialty glassware, as well as custom fabrication for individual glassware, glass repair services, and OEM glass parts. Bel-Art and H-B Instrument brand laboratory supplies include over 3,500 items from safety wash bottles to fume hoods, thermometers, racks, desiccators, hydrometers, ice buckets, magnetic stirring bars, scoops, and spoons. Calibration services and OEM plastic and wire manufacturing are also available.


SP Scienceware is a division of SP Industries.

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Laboratory Equipment

NMR & EPR Explosion Protection Chamber

Aug. 29, 2018
Wilmad's explosion proof chamber provides a one-size-fits-all design.