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Wall, NJ 7719
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Of the more than 300 products in the Garon offering, you have 40+ floor coating options and 30+ concrete repair options to choose from. We have you covered: from barefoot traffic coatings, to heavy vehicular coatings to chemical resistant coatings.

The Garon Products serves the industrial, commercial, institutional, government and facility markets nationwide. Garon products are offered to our nationwide customers through our catalog, Garon Floor Solutions", our website, email, fax and by phone by dialing direct to a Garon Floor Councelor."

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Fall Protection

Custom Fit, Worry-Free, Anti-Slip Stair Renovations

July 28, 2006
WALL, NJ -- Worn stairs are an invitation for slip and fall accidents, which result in injury, fatality, and costly lawsuits. Garon Treds™ can easily make worn-out stairs safe...