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COZY division - Indus-Tool's flagship line, was founded in 1964.Safe, insulated, thermostatic foot warming panels and mats to combat cold feet and legs at desks, workstations and tables. Radiant heating panels and mats are much safer and more efficient than space heaters.POWER divisionPower protection products for computers and other sensitive equipment: UPSs, battery back ups, surge suppressors, voltage regulators and line conditioners. Products manufactured by TrippLite.LIGHTS & ALARMS divisionVehicle warning lights and backup alarms, dock loading lights, theatre lights, and safe drum-opening tools. Products manufactured by Tri Lite."

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3-Position Heater Addresses Safety and Energy-cost Concerns

Dec. 1, 2006
Toasty Toes from provides thermostatically-controlled heat to feet and legs. Some have called it a “heating pad for your feet”. Three positions for convenience...