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1700 67th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55430-1786
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Since 1955, Hiawatha Rubber has built a reputation of rubber molding difficult high precision parts for every major industry including medical, aerospace, printing, fluid power and many more. Our capabilities to precision mold a wide variety of custom rubber formulations with compliance to many industry standards, make Hiawatha a premier rubber resource you can count on. Hiawatha Rubber creates superior performance characteristics for parts such as imaging rollers, cleaning rollers, shock mounts and bumpers, medical products, and pump diaphragms, to name just a few.Many of today?s high performance parts require unique features such as adhesion, frictional resistance, vibration damping, chemical and temperature resiliency, abrasion resistance and more. Hiawatha is extremely experienced with most industry requirements and continually expanding our skills as requirements change. Our ISO certification is available for your review."