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BLUE-WHITE? is a manufacturer of Variable Area Flowmeters, Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Digital Meters and, Peristaltic and Diaphragm types of Chemical Metering Pumps. Variable area flowmeters are offered in more than 240 configurations; Sonic-Pro? Ultrasonic Flowmeters can toggle between Doppler and transit time methods; BW DIGI-METERS? include: Flow sensors, rate meters and totalizers, batch/process controllers and, 4-20mA Signal Generators, including battery operated models. The company's CHEM-PRO? and CHEM-FEED? diaphragm type and, FLEX-PRO? and FLEXFLO? peristaltic type metering pumps are designed for efficient, accurate chemical injection. Metering pumps are offered with many standard voltages and feed rate options. In addition, Blue-White specializes in meeting OEM requirements.

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Flow Meters

New Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

July 12, 2007
Blue-White Industries is introducing a new line of Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeters, the Sonic-Pro™ Series. A unique feature of these Hybrid flowmeters is the ability to measure fluid...
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Measurement Equipment

DIGI-METER™ F-2000 Series

May 26, 2007
The carefully engineered BW DIGI-METER™ F-2000 Series is offered in four model variations. Model AO: Optional 4-20 mA / 0-10 VDC analog output, flow rate and totalizer. Model ...
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STAR III Metering System

Feb. 21, 2007
Blue-White’s STAR III Metering System features the company’s FLEXFLO® A-100N Series Peristaltic Metering Pump combined with a sturdy Polyethylene tank. The FLEXFLO pump is equipped...
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CHEM-PRO™ C3 Series Metering Pump

Sept. 2, 2006
Blue-White Industries is rolling out an entirely new line of products beginning with the CHEM-PRO™ C3 Series Metering Pump. This all new pump has output/feed capability of up ...
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Measurement Equipment

MICRO-FLO Digital Flowmeter

Feb. 28, 2006
Programmable time units are measured in: Minutes, Hours, or Days. The six digit LCD display has up to 4 decimal positions. Both rate of flow, and total accumulated flow are displayed...
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Measurement Equipment


Jan. 28, 2006
The TFD System will detect many chemicals (chlorine, acids, etc.). If non-compatible chemical is detected in the pump head, the injector shuts off. The problem chemical must be...
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Plastics Processing

Heavy-Duty Injection Fitting

Dec. 15, 2005
Injection fitting boasts a duckbill-type flapper valve that resists solids-forming chemicals (calcification). Other features include a double-seal ceramic ball check valve, Viton...