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100 Kay Industrial Drive Lake Orion
Lake Orion, MI 48359
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LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc., part of LEONI AG, is North America's leading supplier of robot equipment, automation training, and machine vision solutions. LEONI manufactures the world's most robust and compact dress pack product on the market, the LSH3, in addition to robot and PLC programming and calibration. LEONI is a certified learning institution for the state of Michigan and the only automation training program in North America to create custom training programs based on customers' specific equipment and employee expertise. Additionally, LEONI is the first machine vision integrator to achieve Certified Systems Integrator (CSI) status in the U.S. and has more advanced-level Certified Vision Professionals (CVP) on staff than any other integrator in the world. LEONI is helping customers in the general manufacturing, automotive, consumer packaged goods, utilities, and related industries to solve their most difficult assembly, automated inspection, and quality-control challenges.

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