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pinta acoustic, inc. provides acoustical and noise control solutions for the broadcast/audio, education, architectural and facilities industries.  Our products feature willtec?, a porous melamine, which has exceptional sound absorbing capabilities and is Class 1(A) fire-rated. pinta acoustic brand names include SONEX? Panels and Baffles, PROSPEC? Barriers, Composites and Foams, PROSPEC Decibel Drop, CONTOUR? Tiles, HARMONITM Ceiling Tiles, FABRITECTM Wall Panels, WHITELINE? Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Grid Systems, SONEX NoiseBuster? Electronic Noise Canceling Earmuff, SONEX Curtains and Enclosures and custom products.

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Facility Maintenance

SONEX® Clean Baffles, Panels and Ceiling Tiles

March 19, 2008
The products were expressly developed for bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas.“Clean rooms and food preparation areas are typically noisy...